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About Us

Mortgage Solutions

for Habitat for Humanity Affiliates

Affiliate Mortgage Services, a non profit organization, was the first mortgage lender in the nation created by a Habitat for Humanity State Support Organization (SSO) to originate and service mortgage loans for Habitat for Humanity Affiliates. Established in 2008 as Habitat for Humanity Michigan Fund, Inc., its original mission was to help HFH Affiliates in the state of Michigan comply with new mortgage lending licensing laws, saving them the time and expense of becoming licensed lenders themselves.

After several years the company began to receive requests for assistance from HFH Affiliates outside Michigan. As the company began bringing its services to other states, it could no longer operate under the Michigan SSO’s Affiliation Agreement with Habitat for Humanity International. In January, 2019 it changed its name to Affiliate Mortgage Services and separated from the Michigan SSO; however, its original mission remains the same. It is 100% dedicated to providing cost-effective mortgage origination and loan servicing solutions to Habitat for Humanity Affiliates and their homeowners.

Since its beginning, Affiliate Mortgage Services has originated over $75 Million Dollars in HFH Mortgages and today we operate in 21 states and service over 7,500 HFH Loans.

Company NMLS #133758