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Delinquency Management

Delinquency Management

Keep the homeowner in the house first & collect second

Since its beginning AMS has partnered with Habitat for Humanity Affiliates, giving us first-hand experience about the challenges their homebuyers face. We understand that improving a living situation isn’t the end of the commitment to these new homeowners. They can continue to struggle financially and have difficulty making their monthly mortgage payment. We work directly with HFH Affiliates and their homeowners to build a plan to get back on track if delinquency occurs. Keeping monthly payments current reduces portfolio delinquency and helps maintain monthly revenue so Habitat for Humanity Affiliates can continue to serve more potential homeowners.

In addition to the following services, we offer HFH Affiliate customers monthly one-on-one contact with our delinquency management team leader. We also help work through homeowner bankruptcy situations.


      Payment plans

      Loan modifications

      Forbearance applications

      Deed in lieu of foreclosure

      Foreclosure assistance

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