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Mortgage Origination

Mortgage Origination

The goal is long term, sustainable home ownership

A mortgage prequalification is the first step to determine the mortgage readiness of a prospective homebuyer. This can be done at the HFH homebuyer selection stage rather than waiting until the home has been built or rehabilitated and ready to close.  After the homebuyer is pre-qualified, our origination staff maintains communication with them throughout the building process.  Then, 60 to 90 days prior to the completion of the home, we complete a full mortgage application. We process and close the mortgage, maintaining open communications with the HFH Affiliate and the homebuyer while the home is constructed, and the homebuyer completes HFH’s sweat equity requirement. Our mortgage origination process is designed to ensure that when the house is complete the mortgage is finalized, and the homebuyer is ready to move in.

AMS can also help at the prequalification stage with solutions for applicants who may not yet qualify for a mortgage. We will remain available to these homeowners and the HFH Affiliate to help them be ready to reapply in the future.

AMS Will

      Perform the prequalification

      Complete the mortgage application

      Process the loan

      Underwrite the loan

      Prepare the closing package

      Assign the loan back to you after closing

HFH Affiliate Will

      Have the entire process handled by compliant,

compassionate professionals

      Receive the asset for your loan portfolio

      Have a happy homeowner

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