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Mortgage Servicing

Mortgage Servicing

We take the time to work with your homeowners

Servicing Habitat for Humanity mortgages requires knowledge of how they differ from typical conventional mortgages as well as understanding the Habitat for Humanity mission. Entrusting your homeowners to just any servicer could result in long term negative consequences for you and for them. At AMS we appreciate that servicing a Habitat for Humanity mortgage is a unique opportunity. Patiently assisting with common servicing challenges such as payment changes and escrow shortages takes special care. From the beginning our mission has been to help Habitat for Humanity homeowners deal with these situations. Our team of caring and competent experts is ready to help.

AMS delivers

In addition to helping your homeowners as they work through the occasional challenges of homeownership, we also perform these activities:

      Collect and post monthly mortgage payments

      Pay taxes and insurance

      Perform an annual escrow analysis

      Send annual statements to homeowners

      Report to the credit bureau

      Provide you with eight different servicing reports

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